Come to Yourself

Come to Yourself Daily: Lesson 109 - A Course in Miracles

April 18, 2022 Gretchen O'Neal Season 2022 Episode 109
Come to Yourself
Come to Yourself Daily: Lesson 109 - A Course in Miracles
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Come to Yourself Daily is excited to guide you through A Course in Miracles, the groundbreaking text that launched the New Age thought movement. 

If you would like to follow along with the text, you can find a FREE online version from the publisher here:  Or you can purchase a hard copy from online retailers (just make sure you are getting the original BLUE cover versions published by the Foundation for Inner Peace). 

This podcast is not a reading of the text. Gretchen will guide you through the lessons by providing context, examples, exercises, and insights into how you can make the most of these lessons and transform your life into one that is grounded in love, peace, and happiness.

No more resolutions…it’s time to focus on your evolution. Changing WHY you live changes HOW you live.

A Course In Miracles (First Edition – Three Volume Set) is the edition Gretchen is using as the reference material for this podcast.

Gretchen O'Neal is a spiritual accountability and empowerment coach. She holds a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a focus in Applied Spirituality and owns and operates Come To Yourself provides unbiased, easily accessible information from the top scholars in the fields of transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies, coupled with personal insights from successful artists, musicians, and business professionals to anyone looking to start their spiritual journey to discover and serve their soul's mission in life 

Music: "What One Has Done Before, One Now Does For You Once More" from States: Vol. 1, written and performed by Robin Lynn.  All rights reserved and used with permission.

Gretchen ONeal:

Hi, it's Gretchen, and welcome to lesson 109. In A Course in Miracles, today's lesson is I rest in spirit, I rest in spirit. This lesson is about finding that peace when the world is in chaos. When everything in the false reality that we live in, is going haywire when you, when typically feel attacked, and nervous and scared and feel like your world is blowing up. I rest in spirit means you take that moment to close your eyes journey within and remind yourself, who you are. What is the truth and how nothing matters, but your function and your function in this world is love. Nothing else matters but your connection to spirit. Everything that's going on around you doesn't matter. At the end of the day, you are going to be fine. The only thing that can cause you pain is how you perceive everything that's happening around you. If you choose to perceive it in love, and the fact that it cannot hurt you because you are connected to spirit and you're invulnerable. Then you can look at everything around you far more objectively, without emotion without your perception filters going haywire. And you can perceive the truth in every situation and understand everything is okay. It is what it is. And it cannot hurt you. Whatever will be will be. So why worry about it. There's nothing to fear, but fear itself. All of these cliches come from the same place. They come from people who understood it doesn't matter. It is a false reality. The only thing that matters is your connection with spirit. So when I say I rest in spirit, I'm saying I am not going to let this stuff in. I find my peace and I find my calm in my connection with spirit. And I will close my eyes and I will journey inward. I will listen for messages to guide me or I will just enjoy the balance and calm and focus on my breath. And understand I am okay. I am at peace. There is no set exercise today. This is a lifestyle. This is a piece of information that you should use every single day for the rest of your life. I rest in spirit. When you feel yourself getting wound up anxious, feeling like nothing can go right to feeling like everything is problem. I rest in spirit. Take that moment to reconnect and you will find your balance again. Have a blessed day today. Join us for the session tomorrow.