Come to Yourself

Come to Yourself Daily: Lesson 103 - A Course in Miracles

April 14, 2022 Gretchen O'Neal Season 2022 Episode 103
Come to Yourself
Come to Yourself Daily: Lesson 103 - A Course in Miracles
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Come to Yourself Daily is excited to guide you through A Course in Miracles, the groundbreaking text that launched the New Age thought movement. 

If you would like to follow along with the text, you can find a FREE online version from the publisher here:  Or you can purchase a hard copy from online retailers (just make sure you are getting the original BLUE cover versions published by the Foundation for Inner Peace). 

This podcast is not a reading of the text. Gretchen will guide you through the lessons by providing context, examples, exercises, and insights into how you can make the most of these lessons and transform your life into one that is grounded in love, peace, and happiness.

No more resolutions…it’s time to focus on your evolution. Changing WHY you live changes HOW you live.

A Course In Miracles (First Edition – Three Volume Set) is the edition Gretchen is using as the reference material for this podcast.

Gretchen O'Neal is a spiritual accountability and empowerment coach. She holds a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a focus in Applied Spirituality and owns and operates Come To Yourself provides unbiased, easily accessible information from the top scholars in the fields of transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies, coupled with personal insights from successful artists, musicians, and business professionals to anyone looking to start their spiritual journey to discover and serve their soul's mission in life 

Music: "What One Has Done Before, One Now Does For You Once More" from States: Vol. 1, written and performed by Robin Lynn.  All rights reserved and used with permission.

Gretchen ONeal:

Welcome back to A Course in Miracles. This is lesson 103. And the concept for this lesson is spirit. Being love is also happiness. Spirit, being love, is also happiness. Today's lesson is focusing on the association, that spirit equals love equals happiness. If you set the intention to live your life from Spirit, then you are synonymously making the intention to live your life from love. And additionally, today, we want to also add, you are also making the intention to live your life and happiness, all three are connected, all three are not separate. And therefore, if you have one, you have all three, it is that unity that we need to understand and believe, and therefore, adopt in our life. Law, love, happiness, spirit, all the same. You cannot have one without the other. If you follow this course, if you want that miracle, meaning you want that perception shift to where you live your life from love instead of fear. You are automatically saying that you want to live your life in connection with spirit, and you want to live your life and happiness, all three together. It is only when we start to believe that somehow we are separate from any one of those things, or that our life can't include any one of those things. Or even worse, we're afraid of having any one of those three, that we find ourselves with fear, with anxiety, with that imbalance in our life with that feeling of sadness and loss. I hate to keep reiterating in saying the word simple. But I don't know how else to put it it is simple. It is a conscious choice. It is simple. You say you want this, you actively work towards it. You say you want happiness, you say you want love, you say you want joy, then you need to reinforce and reconnect with spirit. Because when you have one, you automatically get the rest. And the work can be done. You will never separate from spirit in the first place. That's a complete falsehood. You've always been connected to spirit. So it's not going to be difficult if you want it to reconnect. All you're doing is removing that doubt from your own consciousness. All you're doing is removing that veil from your own eyes. The connection has always been there. You just have to make yourself aware of it again, and use it and dial in. And that's what we've been doing all along in this course through our mindful meditation practice. And that's what we're going to do again today. So today, I want you to focus every hour on the hour with saying, spirit. Being love is also happiness. I can have all three. Spirit, being love is also happiness. And I can have all three, reconnect today. Make that conscious choice. It is that simple. Have a great day and join us for the next lesson tomorrow.